Undergraduate Spotlights

Q & A with neuroscience undergrad Max Melville

Mar 29, 2021
Neuroscience major Max Melville loves amateur astronomy and Pullman is a great place to see the stars.
On a clear night, you may find Max gazing from the top of Holland & Terrell Libraries. Other than that, if he’s not studying, or in the lab, he’s probably just relaxing in his apartment and trying to catch up on lost sleep.
Where are you from and where did you graduate high school?
I’m from Spokane, Washington, and I graduated from Central Valley Highschool in 2018. I am currently a junior here at WSU, majoring in neuroscience.
What's your favorite thing about WSU?
I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the top of Holland & Terrell Library. In the daytime it gives you a wonderful view of both campus and of Pullman itself, not to mention at night it’s a great place to see the stars.
What's your favorite course you’ve taken at WSU?
By far one of my favorite courses that I’ve taken here at WSU is Organic Chemistry 1 taught by Dr. Berkman. It’s a challenging class, but there’s nothing like doing well on an exam after putting in so much effort studying. Not to mention, Dr. Berkman makes the whole experience more fun and engaging than you could ever imagine possible for an organic chemistry class.
What's a unique fun fact about you? 
I was born in Sydney, Australia, and after moving to the United States I was able to attain U.S. citizenship and am now a dual Australian and American citizen.
What are your career goals? 
My goal is to graduate with my degree in neuroscience and go to medical school to get an MD. I feel like that is the best career path for me to be able to help people every day and challenge myself in the process.