Prospective Freshman

Challenge Yourself

As an undergraduate in the College of Veterinary Medicine you will challenge yourself every day in classes like Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, or Neuroanatomy.

Freshman Checklist:

How should I prepare to come to WSU?

  • WSU requires 4 years of English, 3 years of Math and Social Sciences, and 2 years of laboratory sciences and foreign language. Be sure you meet the minimum requirements.
  • Taking classes at the most challenging level (Honors or AP) will prepare you best for college. Take as many of these classes as you can without affecting your grades.
  • Passing AP or IB tests can be a good way to start college with credits already completed. Use WSU's AP, IB, and CLEP credit table to determine which scores and tests can give you course credit. For students interested in CVM majors, we recommend AP Biology, Chemistry, and/or Calculus AB (or BC).
  • Running Start (also called dual credit or College in the High School) is also a good way to start college with some completed credits. For students interested in CVM majors, we recommend taking calculus and chemistry as part of your program, and not just UCORE courses.
  • Take the SAT in time to have your scores arrive at WSU before the January 31st deadline, and send your scores to WSU by using SAT code 4705.
  • Apply early!!!!
  • Meet all the Deadlines: Application, Scholarships, and Financial Aid!
  • Use the WSU Admissions Checklist for Seniors to make sure your application is complete.
WSU Prospective Freshman