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So Much More Than a DVM Program

WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine offers students a variety of opportunities at all levels!

Programs in in the College include 4 undergraduate majors, 6 PhD programs, numerous master's degrees, and certificates, as well as the DVM. Students in our undergraduate programs benefit from working with graduate and professional students, as well as our faculty.

Small Program Size 

Each of our majors is committed to giving students the best educational experience possible, which includes keeping our programs small. Students accepted to any of the 4 CVM majors will be part of a small group of between 20-40 students per class in each major.


Each program offers scholarship opportunities for students. Please see our scholarship page for more details.

Individual Advising 

Advising is an important part of WSU's academic mission. At WSU all students are required to meet with their advisor at least once per semester. In the College of Veterinary Medicine, student advisors are faculty members who work with individual students not only to choose their courses, but also to help them choose a career path and develop a plan to meet their goals. The small size of each program also gives advisors more time to work with students and help them make the best plan possible for their individual needs.

Research Opportunities 

Each of the 4 CVM undergraduate majors gives credit to students who participate in research. Students may work in any discipline on campus that meets their interest. Between 50-70% of students who certify in a CVM major participate in research for credit or work in a research lab for pay, regardless of their career intentions.

Career Choices

Please check back soon for the great career choices available to CVM undergraduates.