SURE Research Projects and Faculty Mentors

Potential Research Projects and Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Margaret Black -- Development and characterization of novel targeting enzymes for cancer gene therapy applications
Dr. Douglas Call -- Epidemiology and molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, fate of antibiotic residues in the environment, wound biofilms, and alternative antibiotics
Dr. Jon Davis -- anatomical, molecular and neuroendocrine mechanisms which regulate the central control of feeding, motivated & cognitive behaviors
Dr. Rita Fuchs-Lokensgard -- neurobiological mechanisms of motivated behavior and impulsivity in the context of drug addiction
Dr. Alan Goodman -- identification and characterization of evolutionarily conserved genes that are essential for a proper immune response
Dr. Cynthia Haseltine -- Novel radiation resistance pathways: a new hope for treating cancer
Dr. Jonathan Jones -- Mechanisms underlying motility of epithelial cells during tissue (skin and lung) repair
Dr. Ilia Karatsoreos -- circadian disruption and vulnerability to alcohol addiction
Dr. Leigh Knodler -- intestinal epithelial infection mechanisms of Salmonella enterica and Shigella flexneri in humans and animals
Dr. Eric Lofgren -- mathematical modeling studies of the control of emerging and/or zoonotic pathogens in healthcare settings (some calculus experience is preferable, but not necessary)
Dr. Ryan McLaughlin -- investigating the role of the endocannabinoid system in the neurophysiological and behavioral response to stress
Dr. Jon Oatley -- defining mechanisms that regulate spermatogonial stem cell fate decisions, with the aim of advancing our understanding of spermatogenesis and thus male fertility
Dr. Roberta OConnor -- investigating drug discovery in marine natural products for treatment of parasitic infections
Dr. Anders Omsland -- understanding how the parasitic bacteria Coxiella burnetii and Chlamydia trachomatis interact with their eukaryotic host cells
Dr. Devendra Shah -- Antimicrobial resistance among food- and water-borne bacterial pathogens
Dr. Bert Tanner -- Investigating the molecular basis of cardiac and skeletal muscle contraction in health and disease
Dr. Susan Wang -- Mechanistic enzymology in the context of antibiotic biosynthesis and microbially-induced calcium carbonate precipitation
Dr. Jennifer Zambriski -- hands-on evaluation of new methods of clinical assessment in calves with diarrhea, such as bioimpedance spectroscopy, radiology, and blood analysis.