SURE: What you'll do as a SURE student

What you'll do

Students will work on research projects based on research questions ranging from addiction to sleep to cancer. Each student will have a primary question that they will focus on answering through their experiments during the summer. Students may work in collaborative teams with faculty and graduate students or more independently to accomplish their specific research goals.

All students will participate in a series of workshops and meetings across the 9 weeks of the program.  Workshops will be facilitated by WSU faculty, and include:

Common Reading - read and discuss a work written for general audiences on a life sciences topic
Responsible Conduct of Research  - learn about biomedical and research ethics from experts 
Weekly Progress Lab Meeting - all SURE students and their lab mentors will meet weekly to discuss both progress and challenges in the lab

In addition you will:
- Explore Pullman and the vibrant Palouse region
- Participate in ongoing research projects
- Gain valuable research experience using cutting edge instruments and working in a team environment.
- Have fun and make new friends!